Aame is a compelling watch which breaks a few stereotypes and offers an engaging experience.

Cast & Crew

  • Rathna KumarDirector
  • Amala PaulActor
  • Vivek PrasannaActor
  • Ramya SubramanianActor
  • Viji SubramaniyanActor

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Story: An autonomous, free-soul young lady who likes to put down wagers gets herself bare in a surrendered structure following a late-night party, accepting a mind-blowing stun.

Survey: Female-driven motion pictures with drawing in and dynamic substance are the need of great importance and have been getting their due off-late. Aame too figures out how to tick a few boxes and join the rundown, because of different components that work to support its.

Kamini (Amala Paul) is an autonomous, strong, joyful young lady who manages the stun of getting herself bare in a relinquished structure the day following a late-night party. Everything after turns her reality upside down.

It is an enjoyment to look as Amala Paul figures out how to draw off a character who works for a TV channel and is proudly tomboyish and courageous. Her mom (Sriranjani) is obviously stressed over her challenging nature, yet is certain that she'll deal with herself. An unexpected birthday party that one of her partners arrange for her in their organization's old structure goes wild and a progression of captivating scenes pursue.

The manner in which the serious film is made combined with the on-screen character's persuading execution clear a path for sufficient edge-of-the-situate minutes. A few contemporary issues are addressed without influencing the pace of the connecting with screenplay, until a flashback is uncovered. The backstory for the fundamental clash is long winded and one marvels why movies ought to so regularly discuss social issues that don't gel well with the film. It hauls the reason, yet additionally puts a gouge on the center, exciting plot to a degree.

Regardless, Aame is a convincing watch, breaking a couple of generalizations and offering a connecting with involvement.

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