Family Of Thakurganj Movie Review


Group of Thakurganj is an account of two siblings with various qualities - one brings the law into his hands, the other kin is earnest and well behaved. By and large, it is anything but a drawing in show.

Cast & Crew

  • Manoj K JhaDirector
  • Saurabh ShuklaActor
  • Jimmy SheirgillActor
  • Mahie GillActor

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Group of Thakurganj Story: Set in the community of Thakurganj, this show rotates around the narrative of two siblings Nunnu (Jimmy Sheirgill) and Munnu (Nandish Singh). With various philosophies in life will they go separate ways or be as one to battle against the treachery they endure?

Group of Thakurganj Review: It's an account of two siblings, who live in Thakurganj, a community in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Both Nunnu (Jimmy Sheirgill) and Munnu (Nandish Singh) have various qualities and keeping in mind that one brings the law into his hands, the other kin is earnest and decent. After their dad's abrupt passing, Nunnu assumes the liability of the whole family on his shoulders and before long turns into a well known goon called Bhaiya ji of Thakurganj. Both Bhaiya ji and his significant other Sharbati (Mahie Gill) are effectively maintaining the coercion business, as well. Their life takes a turn when the savagery happening everywhere throughout the town begins influencing their own lives. To manage the circumstance, family can either be legitimate or go rogue.

Author Dilip Shukla's story is very normal, the more concerning issue here is that the plot which is pitifully woven. Yet, once more, the exhibitions will keep you snared and not the story. Sheirgill nails it as the power crack goon and Sharbati (Mahie Gill), as Jimmy's overwhelming spouse, is persuading. Saurabh Shukla, as a goon and Supriya who plays mother to the young men, pull off fine exhibitions.

With a not too bad idea close by, had the executive concentrated on keeping the story tight, it could have connected with the watchers. The film's length is dangerous, even the cleverness and the jokes don't help in keeping the film above water.

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