Harassing takes an eccentric turn in this rich life experience school in the mountains.

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STORY: When Shay handles a pined for job in his school's yearly play, it prompts him being harassed pitilessly by his seniors. As much as he might want to clutch his part, it gets progressively hard for him and soon things winding crazy.

Audit: Seniors, understudies Arjun (Mohammed Ali Mir) and Baadal (Shaan Grover) give orders at their all inclusive school, Mount Noble High. There is an exacting code of rank and the lesser understudies quite often fall in line, scarcely challenging the school menaces regardless of a severe watch by the House instructors and the Head Master. Since nobody needs to be known as a 'rodent' or a nark, which is seen to be more awful than tormenting by the understudies.

At the point when a bashful and touchy Shay (Ali Haji) is picked by his show educator, Murali (Kunal Kapoor) for the job of Bassanio in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, the play to be performed for the school's 50th Founders Day, the tormenting just deteriorates for him. All in light of the fact that Baadal, child of a motion picture star supposes he fits the job better. Furthermore, when Murali makes him Shay's under examination for the job, he should simply get Shay to deny the part. Yet, when Shay's tranquil assurance to play his character makes him ignore Baadal's desires – the cost must be paid. First by his closest companion Gunzu (Hardik Thakkar) and after that in the long run by Shay. Furthermore, when a good natured Murali ventures in to deal with things for Shay, things take a dinky turn.

As planning for the play proceeds, Murali urges his understudies to shed their restraint and channelize their indignation with the idea of avenging or retribution, one of the focal topics of Merchant of Venice. At a certain point when he says 'Theater mimics life', little does he understand how portentous his words will end up being.

Aristocrats tends to class harassing head on – and gives an exceptionally realistic picture of exactly how fierce it can get. What's more, the mental effect it can in the long run have at the forefront of one's thoughts. It likewise handles disarray about one's sexual direction, homophobia and the strain to fit in. The pace lags at focuses yet generally speaking the film features some significant issues.

As the understudies - Ali Haji, Muskaan Jaferi (as Pia), Hardik Thakkar, Mohommad Ali Mir and Shaan Grover convey fine exhibitions slipping into their jobs easily. Kunal Kapoor is beguiling and successful as Murali. What's more, Soni Razdan as Shay's mom is right on target as consistently in spite of her restricted screen time.

Winter and the scenery of mountains, makes for the ideal setting in 'Aristocrats' as an unusual turn and the finish of guiltlessness advances here.

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