Rajdooth (Rajdoot) Telugu Movie Review 2019 Ratings


Rajdooth (Rajdoot) Telugu Movie Review 2019 Ratings


Rajdoot is an outdated and dreadful ride

Cast & Crew

  • Arjun GunnalaDirector
  • Dasari CarthykDirector
  • SrihariActor

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Story: Sanjay sets out set for discover the vintage bicycle Rajdooth as asked by his future dad in-law so as to wed the affection for his-life Priya.

Survey: Sanjay (Meghamsh) has no objective throughout everyday life and his solitary point is to get hitched to Priya (Nakshatra), a specialist and the little girl of his dad's companion. Sanjay takes up the errand of recouping the vintage Rajdoot, as asked by Priya's dad (Anish Kuruvilla). He keeps running into various individuals, their issues lastly finds the bicycle in the focal point of numerous contentions that he at last needs to unravel to bring it back.

In spite of the fact that the film anticipated itself as a fascinating spine chiller that will keep everybody at the edge of their seats, it flops hopelessly in making it even the slightest bit connecting with, directly till the end. With a feeble storyline and screenplay, the motion picture is an inconceivably tedious voyage to take. Attempting to fit in a story to the business format, the film bombs because of Meghamsh's feeble acting abilities, the exhausting foundation score and prosaic scenes from the cinematographer. Without attempting to introduce itself in a novel manner, the film attempts its best to develop humor. Far more detestable, it's peppered with superfluous melodies and scenes.

Nellore Sudarshan who assumes the job of Sanjay's companion is the main friend in need in this film, at ordinary interims. With his peculiar discoursed and humorous jokes, Sudarshan is the one in particular who engages in the entire motion picture. Despite the fact that Nakshatra plays the female lead in the motion picture, she barely finds the screen time to demonstrate her acting abilities. With numerous inappropriately assembled characters that enter and leave the story, the chief himself appears to be confounded and neglects to survive.

Composed and coordinated by Arjun Gunnala and Carthyk, Rajdooth is an obsolete and terrifying ride.

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