Sinnga is Chiranjeevi Sarja's interpretation of the furious young fellow, with adequate dosages of sentiment and mother-child slants tossed in.

Cast & Crew

  • Vijay KiranDirector
  • Chiranjeevi SarjaActor
  • Aditi PrabhudevaActor
  • TaraActor
  • P. Ravi ShankarActor

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Sinnga (Chiranjeevi Sarja), who has been raised by his mom Janakamma (Tara), is the famous do-gooder, yet has a temper, which grounds him in a tough situation with the police. The sheer number of bodies of evidence against him ends up being one purpose behind his hesitance to get hitched, aside from, obviously, his resentment, which he accepts does not look good for family life.

Janakamma, however, is never going to budge on observing her child settled throughout everyday life, thus, when she spots Geetha (Aditi Prabhudeva) at a sanctuary, she chooses that the last will turn into her girl in-law. While Sinnga is dead against the thought, he winds up succumbing to Geetha, when she goes to his assistance after a destructive assault on him. With his adoration life on track, Sinnga needs to even now deal with Rudraswamy (Ravishankar), who needs to get vengeance for an open embarrassment.

Sinnga has every one of the components of a pucca business film, directly from satire, mother and child feeling, activity and an adorable romantic tale, which one tries to find in mass movies. There are sufficient turns of phrase to satisfy admirers of this type of film. What Sinnga needs is in substance and the portrayal doesn't inspire an emotional response. The story, which is as old as the slopes, comes up short on the meat to keep you snared for more than two hours and the portrayal makes it a dreary watch. But a few tunes, which incorporates Shane Top Agavle, the rest are normal. Tara hangs out in her presentation as an honest mother Janakamma. Aditi Prabhudeva possesses all the necessary qualities impeccably as the young lady nearby. P Ravishankar is his standard best as scalawag. Sinnga could be one-time watch for the individuals who love mass movies.

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