Though the film is predictable, Rakesh and Anuja are sincere and give it their best shot.

Cast & Crew

  • Hemant Kumar MahaleDirector
  • Anuja SatheActor
  • Raqesh VashisthActor
  • Annuup ChoudhariActor
Faultfinder's Rating:   1.5/5   


Story: Aditya and Anuja's joyfully hitched life goes in a new direction when the previous stars answering to messages from an obscure number.   Survey: On one side, when movie producers are investigating various subjects to bring to the cinema, there is as yet a harvest of creators that have adhered to the equation of making films around subjects that are notable and attempted previously. Whatsapp Love is a case of this. With no oddity to offer, and chief Hemantkumar Mahale's endeavors to juggle various things without a moment's delay, this film has a powerless story and endures in execution.   The title makes it obvious concerning what the subject will be. Aditya (Rakesh Bapat) and Anu (Anuja Sathe) are joyfully hitched however life takes a turn when Aditya gets a WhatsApp message from an obscure numbers. The individual on the opposite side, a young ladies recognizing herself as Monalisa, needs to get to know Aditya. While he evades the messages at first, Aditya reacts at the command of a partner. Before long, their discussions begin getting to be customary and before he knows it, this begins influencing Aditya's own and expert life. This because of an individual he has never met nor seen. A year into these virtual discussions, Aditya and Monalisa choose to meet. To know who the young lady is, you should watch the film. In any case, you won't lose much on the off chance that you would prefer not to know the appropriate response.   In spite of the fact that the film is unsurprising, Rakesh and Anuja are true and do as well as can possibly be expected. The cinematography is great, just like the tunes. In any case, to make a watchable film, only these three things aren't sufficient. Watch this one at your hazard.

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