Rakshasudu Telugu Movie Review

Rakshasudu Telugu Movie Review


'Rakshasudu' keeps you guessing at all times and as a viewer, you feel engrossed every minute of the film. While watching a thriller, you can't ask for anything more

Cast & Crew

  • Ramesh VarmaDirector
  • Bellamkonda SreenivasActor
  • Anupama ParameswaranActor
  • SaravananActor

Pundit's Rating:


After a string of rather forgettable tolls, appears Bellamkonda Sreenivas has at long last discovered his depression and is absolutely in his component in his most recent spine chiller Rakshashudu. A revamp of Tamil flick Ratsasan, Rakshashudu is a spine chiller in the genuine sense and keeps the group of spectators speculating all occasions.

The film rotates around Arun (Bellamkonda Sreenivas), who sets out in quest for a secretive sequential executioner who targets little youngsters and murders them. After a progression of killings, Arun affirms that it's being finished by an insane person with an enemy of social issue. The executioner proceeds with his binge, yet Arun is no disposition to stop his interest.

Deeply grasping, Rakshashudu keeps watchers on the edge of their seats. The screenplay is right on the money and adds to the interest of watching the film and ensures the tension is effective. There are a lot of wanders aimlessly and until the end, you won't know who the executioner, and that is the thing that works about Rakshasudu. Chief Ramesh Varma keeps away from the compulsion to over enjoy. Rather, he keeps things basic and has an effect.

With a runtime of almost more than two hours, the film could've been cut a tad, however at no stage do you feel exhausted as a watcher and in the event that anything, it is just a minor variation.

Bellamkonda works superbly as the official on the chase to locate the strange executioner and puts in perhaps the best execution till date. What was invigorating to see was the way that the main woman was not decreased to a job of a sight to behold however is somebody who assumes a pivotal job in the story, and Anupama Parameswaran completes an earnest occupation of it. The supporting entertainers, including Rajiv Kanakala, are top notch.

At the point when Ramesh Varma chose to change a spine chiller like Ratsasan, there were elevated desires, yet the executive sails through and hits the imprint with this film. While spine chillers risk getting excessively unsurprising, Rakshasudu keeps you speculating all occasions and as a watcher, you feel immersed each moment of the film. While viewing a spine chiller, you can't request much else.

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